Cleartone Launches Redesigned Coated Strings

The new strings aim to offer increased volume, sustain, and longevity.

Los Angeles, CA (October 18, 2018) -- Treated strings just got better! Cleartone Strings has launched the newest formulation of their coated guitar strings, offering increased volume, sustain and longevity.

Cleartone’s first generation turned the coated string industry upside down when they were initially released in 2008. Now, with 10 years of added research and experience, they are back with a more refined winding and treatment process and an updated look to bring you even more of what you love!

Heralding the launch, Cleartone has also introduced new packaging and a completely redesigned website at

Cleartone’s new generation strings use a .5 micron coating that according to an independent acoustic lab actually increases volume and sustain from an uncoated set. The US Patent office awarded us two patents to back up our claims. Some of the attributes of Cleartone strings include:

  • Up to 36% increase in volume
  • Up to 48% more sustain
  • Up to 5x more lifespan

Based in California, Cleartone Strings are also 100% Prop 65 compliant giving added peace of mind for both consumers and manufacturers alike!

Cleartone Strings is a subsidiary of Everly Music Company and was founded in Burbank, CA in 2008 by Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers. A longtime pioneer of guitar string technology, Phil Everly helped design the winding machines and all our unique string core to wrap ratios.

Cleartone manufactures their strings in their North Hollywood CA facility using 100% US parts and labor.

Pricing for Cleartone’s next gen strings ranges from $13.99 for 6 electric to $49.99 for 5 string bass.

For more information:
Cleartone Strings

Photo by Michael Mesker

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