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Dynaudio Acoustics Releases BM5A MKII Monitor

Dynaudio Acoustics Releases BM5A MKII Monitor

Dynaudio takes their famed BM5A monitors and makes them louder, clearer and more accurate than ever.

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (March 26, 2010) -- Dynaudio Acoustics’ BM5A monitors have become something of a legend in monitoring circles, thanks largely to their accuracy, clarity, and that they can deliver a punch well above their weight. Now Dynaudio Acoustics have taken the original design and made it even better. The result: BM5A MKII nearfield precision monitors with ultra-accurate handcrafted driver technology.

The new BM5A MKII imparts all of the quality and power that you’ve come to expect from Dynaudio Acoustics but they have been re-engineered to take nearfield monitoring to new levels of performance. New features include handmade drivers that offer the best in quality and accuracy. The woofer offers longer excursions so stays linear for longer, resulting in a cleaner, tighter bass response.

This louder and more accurate bass is matched at the top end with a high-resolution soft dome tweeter that delivers an unparalleled response. The added waveguide ensures less acoustical reflections and a more accurate sweet spot for the listener, resulting in a much better monitoring experience.

These drivers are matched perfectly to the BM5A MKII’s custom designed dual amps to deliver maximum 117dB SPL while maintaining extraordinary sensitivity, resulting in a louder, cleaner and more accurate sound.

The three integrated analog room filters allow for adjustment and compensation of the acoustical monitor placement at both Low, Mid and High frequencies e.g. adjusting for the bass boost at corner or wall placement as well as the potential high frequency console reflections.

With the BM5A MKII Dynaudio Acoustics have taken an established industry standard and made it louder, clearer and more accurate than ever. With Dynaudio Acoustics’ BM5A MKII expect better monitoring across the entire frequency range.

$715 MSRP, available now.

Dynaudio Acoustics BM5A MKII main features:
* • Handcrafted aluminium drivers
* • High-resolution soft dome tweeter
* • Smooth and accurate HF waveguide
* • Extended excursion 7-inch woofer
* • 2 channel 90-Watt transient power (50W RMS)
* • 117dB SPL peak power output
* • Frequency response of 48Hz to 21kHz
* • HF, MF, LF analog room filters

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