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Eden Electronics Releases First Bass Direct Box/Preamp Pedal

The WTDI was designed to distill the essense of Eden tone in a pedal-sized direct box/preamp.

Chicago, IL (December 10, 2010) -- Eden has announced the release of the new WTDI pedal, designed to distill the essence of Eden tone into a handy little direct box/preamp.

Much more than a direct box, the WTDI is like bringing a little Eden preamp to every stage and studio gig. Small enough to fit in a gigbag, case or pedal board, the WTDI can go direct into the power amp section of any amp with direct inputs. Eden suggests using it to add a second or third or solo/boost channel to your current rig. The WTDI is also designed to work with acoustic guitars and basses.

This rugged little pedal features true bypass and both 1/4" and XLR (with ground lift) outputs. Besides three bands of tone control with bass boost and mid shift switches, volume, and gain, Eden added variable compression and their legendary enhance control. All this comes in a box no more than 2" high x 4" wide and 3" deep. Comes complete with universal power adapter and runs on most 12-18 volt capable pedal boards and power cubes.

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