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Farley's Music Essentials Announces Stage Player 2

The StagePlayer2 combines a stool, guitar stand and foot rest.

Gold Hill, OR (November 3, 2009) -- Farley's Music Essentials, the company behind the Guitar Wheel and the original StagePlayer stool has announced the second iteration of that useful seat: the StagePlayer2.

The StagePlayer2 caught our interest immediately because of its simple and useful design. It's a foldable stool with a built-in guitar stand and foot rest. Built for performing live or practicing at home, the StagePlayer2 simplifies the amount of gear you have to haul around. Here are the specs from Farley's:
No assembly required
Weighs 10 lbs
Fully padded and comfortable
Fits most guitars, bases, and banjos
Neck support and non-slip foam on the folding support arms
Fold-down foot rest
Safe for all finishes
Rugged metal construction
Holds up to 250 lbs
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