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February 2007 New Products

A look at this month''s new products

Krank Distortus MaximusKrank Distortus Maximus

The Krank Distortus Maximus packs bone crunching Krank tone into a compact pedal. Features 3 band EQ (bass, mid, treble), gain, and master controls, making it easy to operate. Achieve Rev1/Krankenstein high gain harmonic flavors that are not found on most “distortion” type effects units, plus true bypass switching.

MSRP $149.00

The AirtightGarage MaryJane

The MaryJane is a tube combo containing two amplifiers with one speaker per amplifier. The first amplifier is EL84-based; the second amplifier is 6V6GT-based. Each amp is independent of the other, including the preamp sections, with the exception of the input jack. Either amp may be switched on or off with the supplied foot switch, and blending is possible. The preamp section is entirely 12AX7 based, and each amplifier has extra output taps (8ohm, 16ohm) so that external cabinets can be used.

MSRP $1500.00
The AirtightGarage MaryJane

WCR Pickups Iron Man Bridge PickupWCR Pickups Iron Man Bridge Pickup

The Iron Man is the quite possibly the most musically complex and powerful pickup ever produced. For everything from Pantera, Dimmu Borgir and Meshuggah to Priest and Maiden, this pickup can cover it all. The Iron Man is the most powerful pickup in the WCR line, while still remaining controllable. Available with a variety of Alnico and ceramic magnets.

MSRP $180.00

MI Audio Boost ‘n’ Buff

The Boost ‘n’ Buff pedal is designed to carry out 3 distinct functions. In bypass mode, it’s an ultra high-input impedance buffer. In the lower volume range, the frequency response is flat for use as a simple volume booster for solos. In the upper volume range, it acts like a treble booster for driving an amp into overdrive without getting loose and fuzzy. Featuring 35db of gain on tap, the circuit for the Boost ‘n’ Buff is based around one ultra low-noise transistor.

MSRP $99.95
MI Audio Boost ‘n’ Buff

T-Rex Squeezer Bass CompressorT-Rex Squeezer Bass Compressor

The Squeezer is a tube-driven compressor specially designed for bass players. It smoothens out your bass lines and keeps you right where you want to be in the mix, while enhancing your sound with rich tube warmth. Allows complete control of all essential parameters, letting you craft a compression that’s all your own, all in a neat, logical design. Comes with 12V DC power supply.

MSRP $499.00

ValveTrain Amplification Spring Thing

The Spring Thing™ hand-wired, all tube, triple spring reverb outboard unit is the latest development from ValveTrain Amplification.

Dennis Kager (Renown Amp Designer) said, "In 43 years, the BEST outboard reverb unit I''ve ever heard!"

Driven by a 6V6 and a 12AX7, this ''verb is pure vintage.

The Mix and Dwell controls gives you complete control over the response from the Accutronics tank.
You can dial in just a hint of warmth to full out surf city and beyond!

Remote foot switch with a 12'' cable is included.

The Spring Thing™ is built with our top shelf components and
features our Custom Laser Etched Control Plate, Vintage Style Chicken Head knobs.

Available in Cocoa/Tan or Black/Ivory two tone tolex or any of our custom shop finishes.

You''ve just got to try this one to believe it!

MSRP $599
ValveTrain Amplification Spring Thing

Stetsbar Modern Tremolo SystemStetsbar Modern Tremolo System

Stetsbar is the modern, professional, linear tremolo system that retrofits to stop tail and Tstyle guitars without any modifications. Hi-tec micro roller bearings and a bridge that moves with the trem gives the Stetsbar unrivalled pitch range and stability for its class coupled with a smooth up and down action. Available in three models and in eight different finishes.

MSRP starts at $299.99

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2 Software

Guitar Rig 2 Software Edition supplies an enormous selection of perfectly emulated amps, cabinets, mics and effects in a single exceptional package. Features emulations of 8 guitar and bass amps, 15 guitar and 6 bass cabinets, 4 rotary speakers, 9 microphones and over 40 effects modeled from popular units. Guitar Rig 2 also includes a Loop Machine, allowing recording, playback and layering of loops on-the-fly, Dynamic Tube Response technology for powerful tube sounds and lots more.

MSRP $339.00
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2 Software

Marshall Limited Edition 100W MG Half StackMarshall Limited Edition 100W MG Half Stack

The 100W MG100HDFX head and matching MG412A 4x12” cabinet are now available in a limited edition, covered in red vinyl and sporting basket weave grille cloth on both the cab and the head baffle. Only 1000 will be available in the U.S., featuring two independent footswitchable channels, a parallel FX loop, built-in DFX and Digital Reverb, CD input and FDD (Frequency Dependant Damping), which emulates the feel and sound of a tube power amp. The MG412AR is loaded with custom-voiced Celestion 12” speakers.

MG100HDFXR MSRP $569.00
MG412AR MSRP $450.00

Basson Sound BGA1 Guitar Amp

The BGA1 is an all-tube guitar amplifier, designed by Basson’s namesake, Victor Basson, and engineer Jim Williams. This two-channel, footswitchable, class A/B powerhouse is rated at 120 watts, at 4 or 8 ohms. From country to metal, tone is generated by four Sovtek 12AX7A preamp tubes and four Sovtek 6CA7 power tubes. The BGA1 also features an additive EQ, active all-tube send and receive controllable effects loop, point-to-point wiring, and more.

MSRP $1595.00
Basson Sound BGA1 Guitar Amp

Diamond Pedals Halo ChorusDiamond Pedals Halo Chorus

A hand-built analog stereo chorus, the Halo uses a dual path configuration to provide both pitch and phase modulation effects that can be individually dialed in by the user. An expression jack allows footpedal control of modulation speed for rotating speaker-like effects, with speed indicated on the two-color LED even with the effect in bypass. Premium Panasonic capacitors, metal film resistors and audiophile Burr-Brown opamps are used to provide a pristine signal path and extended frequency response.

MSRP $319.00

Pro Tone Pedals Monster Fuzz

Pro Tone Pedals is pleased to announce the Monster Fuzz, with artwork designed by renowned artist Felix LaFlamme. The Monster Fuzz is an unruly, fuzz-spitting beast capable of the most amplifier-abusing fuzz around, but like most monsters, this one has a soft side as well. These hand-built units feature true bypass, durable aluminum housing (built to withstand 30,000 stomps) and super bright LEDs. Operates on a 9-volt battery, or with a BOSS-style adapter.

MSRP $199.00
Pro Tone Pedals Monster Fuzz

Atomic Amplifiers Reactor SeriesAtomic Amplifiers Reactor Series

The Harry Kolbe designed, all-tube Reactor 212-50 and 112-50 both boast a 50W, 6L6-based, class A/B power amp. Their birch plywood cabinets are tuned/ported and loaded with 12” Eminence speakers. These amps sport master volume control, extension cabinet output, stereo/mono switch (to control the effects loop output – note that the amps are mono), a standby mode and the cabinets have a flat top for easy stacking. In addition, 2 pro-quality steel cabinet handles and touring grade rugged vinyl covering compliment the amps.

Reactor 212 MSRP $699.00
Reactor 112-50 MSRP $599.00

Rebel Strap Company GTO Series

The Rebel Strap Co. is pleased to announce the new GTO Series. Inspired by the auto interiors of the ‘70s, each GTO strap is reminiscent of the era of Naugahyde interiors, sporting a solid Mustang racing stripe down its length. With eight designs to choose from, you’ll find these retro gems are super soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. Each strap extends to 68”.

MSRP $19.99
Rebel Strap Company GTO Series

B.C. Rich Exotic ClassicsB.C. Rich Exotic Classics

The roots of B.C. Rich are steeped in the time honored tradition of woodworking and old world craftsmanship in guitars. The B.C. Rich 10-String Bich and Mockingbird guitars are nothing actually new to B.C. Rich – these designs have been around for quite some time. With that said, the current version of these classic models deliver a look and tone that is definitely something out of the ordinary. These Exotic guitars will be available in a Spalted maple top Warlock, a Spalted maple and koa top Mockingbird and a Spalted maple and koa top Bich all with matching headstock overlays.

Exotic Classsic Mockingbird MSRP $1120.00
Exotic Classic Bich 10 MSRP $1190.00