The new Pro Tube series consists of the Super-Sonic 22 Combo, Super-Sonic 60 Combo, Super-Sonic 60, and Super-Sonic 212 Enclosure.

Scottsdale, AZ (June 19, 2010) -- Fender introduces the next generation of its acclaimed Pro Tube series Super-Sonic guitar amplifier family with the Super-Sonic 22 Combo, Super-Sonic 60 Combo, Super-Sonic 60 Head, and Super-Sonic 212 Enclosure.

The Super-Sonic concept is built on the idea of professional-level tube performance for guitarists who crave clean and overdriven tones, along with expressive modern high-gain distortion, all in one amp.

The Super-Sonic 22 Combo, a 22-watt tube combo, delivers versatility with the organic feel and moderate output power of the legendary Deluxe Reverb amp, making it perfect for most stage and studio applications. The Vintage channel delivers pure, unmistakable Fender tone; the Burn channel gives overdrive ranging from bluesy to flamethrower. And while the 22-watt, 1x12" Super-Sonic 22 is capable of heavily saturated tube distortion and sustain, it never masks the tonal character of the guitar that’s plugged into it. Offered in classic Black/Silver or the revered 1961 Blonde/Oxblood cosmetic treatment; both versions include ivory radio knobs and flowing 1960s script logo.

The new and updated 1x12" Super-Sonic 60 Combo offers those features too, but kicks the power up to 60 watts and is fine-tuned for increased bass response and fatter tone. Its Vintage channel takes its cue from two legendary Fender favorites, the Vibrolux and the Bassman. It too is offered in classic Black/Silver or 1961 Blonde/Oxblood cosmetic treatment; both with ivory radio knobs and flowing 1960s script logo.

The muscle and finesse of the Super-Sonic 60 Combo also comes in a piggyback design in the form of the new Super-Sonic 60 Head and Super-Sonic 212 Enclosure. The former packs the two-channel punch and versatile features of the combo version and is built to drive the latter—a rugged cabinet housing two 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, with rock-solid Baltic birch-ply construction, oversized baffle board for increased resonance, knurled thumbwheels for securely mounting the Super-Sonic 60 Head, and chrome tilt-back legs for increased projection.

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