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Fractal Audio Systems Releases Firmware 10.0

Firmware 10.0 is an update for the Axe-Fx Guitar Tone and Effects Processors.

Plaistow, NH (June 18, 2010) -- The Fractal Audio Axe-Fx packs amp, cab, and effects tones into a powerful all-in-one solution for the stage or studio guitarist.

Now, with the release of the 10.0 firmware, Fractal Audio continues its tradition of providing major new capabilities via free firmware updates. New features in firmware 10.0 include 5 all-new amplifier models, 2 new drive pedal types, key improvements to the existing amp and effect tone capabilities, and more:
  • New Marsha HB and Marsha HBE amp types -- the result of a collaboration with renowned rig builder/amp modder/amp designer Dave Friedman of LA-based Rack Systems LTD., who himself sanctioned and approved the new Axe-Fx models.
  • The new Shiver Clean and Shiver Lead amp types are based on the channels of a well-known west amplifier model with cleans and overdrive.
  • The new 1987X MOD is a Plexi type reissue with what many consider to be an “essential” tone mod already built in.
  • The existing Euro Über model has been updated to provide a representation of the original.
  • New Face Fuzz and Master Fuzz drive effect types give Axe-Fx owners two of the most sought after fuzz effects of all time.
  • The Drive block slew-rate algorithm is now an exact model of real op-amp slew-rate limiting.
  • The virtual Presence control circuitry now more accurately models the resulting response of the power amp and speaker coil interaction for better bite and a more pronounced attack.
  • Additional support has been added for the forthcoming Fractal Audio MFC-101 Midi Foot Controller.
  • A new version of Axe-Edit, the software editor for the Axe-Fx, has also been released, with full support for firmware 10.0 and additional new features and fixes.

Firmware 10.0 is available for both Standard and Ultra models and can be downloaded free of charge at the Fractal Audio’s web site.

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