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Freekish Blues Announces Davy Knowles Signature Chubb Up! Octave Fuzz

The British blues-rock guitarist of Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam fame, gets a signature octave up fuzz pedal

Boston, MA (November 3, 2010) -- Freekish Blues has announced the release of the Davy Knowles Signature Pedal: The Chubb Up! Octave Fuzz.

The Chubb Up! Octave Fuzz is an octave up fuzz that is switchable to just have the fuzz on by itself. The Chubb Up! was designed and engineered with the vintage octave fuzz and fuzz pedals of the late '60s and early '70s in mind. The Chubb Up! is designed to be more responsive, controlled, and defined than vintage units.

"I am immensely proud to put my name on such a fantastic product. The quality of tone and playability of this pedal is just fantastic," said Davy Knowles. "There are so many rich harmonics that are apparent in this pedal, that I was actually getting multiple notes! So much so that it was like an extra bonus effect! Such a wonderful tone and using the guitars volume you can really dive into how responsive this pedal can be. I can see this being an important part of my rig for many many years to come."

Three Versions Available:
• Standard Chubb Up! - $168
• Custom Hand Painted Chubb Up! - $199
• Custom Hand Painted Chubb Up! & Davy Autographed Chubb Up! - $250

Davy Knowles Demo:

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