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Fret-King Announces Super-Matic Guitar

The new guitar features the Wilkinson ATD HT440 self-tuning hard tail guitar bridge, which allows for nine tuning presets.

United Kingdom (June 19, 2010) -- Fret-King introduced the Super-Matic Guitar, which features a self-tuning bridge. The presets on the guitar are: standard E, open G, DADGAD, and open D. The user can also calibrate five additional tuning presets.

The Super-Matic is the first guitar to feature the Wilkinson ATD HT440 self-tuning hard tail guitar bridge.

Built with Fret-King style and attributes, the Super-Matic is cut from matched, two piece centre jointed American alder, using heritage styling cues to create a subtly nuanced classic double cut body.

The 25 1/5" scale length, 24 fret, hard rock maple neck, with it’s classic Shallow C profile, matched to a close-grain, indian rosewood fingerboard with a 10" radius, finished off with a fret job using single cut, hand-crowned medium jumbo nickel silver frets.

The Super-Matic features a hum-single-hum pickup configuration, with Wilkinson WHHBZ33 offset pole piece Zebra humbuckers, and a Wilkinson WHSM vintage voiced single coil middle pickup.

It features a combination of carefully voiced and balanced pickups and the signature Wilkinson Vari-coil control, which allows either of the humbuckers to be progressively wound down to single coil.

The guitar is available in either Black or Original Classic Burst and comes with a Fret-King carry bag.

The Wilkinson ATD self-tuning bridge has been under development by Trev Wilkinson of Fret-King and his team at Auto Tuning Developments. It is a super low profile, real time electro-mechanical device utilizing ultra hi-tech micro gearboxes. The bridge is designed to retrofit unobtrusively into a standard Strat vibrato bridge rout with a micro hex pickup.

Invisibly incorporating the microprocessor control circuitry, the ATD bridge allows the player, with just one touch of the function button to automatically tune the Super-Matic to standard E-tuning.

Tuning status is confirmed in the hi-visibility display, designed to be viewed whilst playing, and overall tuning is assured with the built in chromatic tuner.

Press the function button again, strum, and let the ATD change the guitars tuning from standard E to open G, or change to DADGAD, then to open D, or recalibrate to five additional user-created tuning presets.

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Source: Guitar Noize and Fret-King