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GALLERY: Gear of the Month 2012

See all 12 unique instruments featured as Gear of the Month in 2012.

July: Les Paul's Log Solidbody Guitar
"In the early 1940s, Paul approached Gibson with his invention, but the company balked, likening it to a рbroomstick with pickups.с But once Gibson caught wind of Leo Fenderуs Broadcaster creation in 1950, Gibsonуs Ted McCarty quickly began working on a singlecut, solidbody electric with Paul as a special consultant. In 1952, they released the first incarnation of the Les Paul modelяnow the most iconic signature model ever built. This innovative spirit eventually landed Paul a place in the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio. And the guitar that started it allяthe Logяhas been housed at the Rock уnу Roll Hall of Fame and the Smithsonian."