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GALLERY: L.A. Amp Show 2011

The latest boutique amps, guitars, and pedals on display at the annual Van Nuys gear gathering.

BC Audio No. 9 & No. 10 Amplifiers
"BC Audio announced two new amplifiers at the LA Amp Showяthe No. 9 and No. 10 models. The No. 9 is the big brother to the No. 7 given its increased power and a built-in Boost. Controls are Normal Volume, Bright Volume, Boost (footswitch included), Presence, and Depth. The 45-watt head has KT66s, a GZ34 rectifier, and uses three 6SL7 preamp tubes. No. 10 is a 50-watt head with two EL34s, four 6SL7s, and BC Audio's first amp with a 3-band EQ."