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GALLERY: L.A. Amp Show 2011

The latest boutique amps, guitars, and pedals on display at the annual Van Nuys gear gathering.

JB Guitars Supertones
"Luthier Joe Bochar, a first-time exhibitor at the show, introduced two of his models under the JB Guitar monikerяthe Supertone SD and the Supertone XXL. Both models are similar, but the XXL is 16 inches wide, 20 inches long, and has a maple cap on the chambered mahogany body to reduce the instrumentуs overall weight. The SD model pictured here has an alder body and maple top. Players can choose between a maple or alder body with a maple neck, or a limba body and neck (on the XT model). The SD is loaded with DiMarzio Air Norton humbuckers, while the XXL comes equipped with DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary humbuckers. Also, the two neck-style options for these models are either a soft V-shape, based on a у70s Les Paul, or a thinner version based on a 1960 LP Special."