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GALLERY: L.A. Amp Show 2011

The latest boutique amps, guitars, and pedals on display at the annual Van Nuys gear gathering.

Kasha Stompboxes
"Kasha introduced three new stompboxes to the show with the Tone Americana Reverb, Chime Chorus, and Overdrive. The Reverb is a vintage-style reverb pedal that provides a simple solution to amps and audio systems without spring reverb. рThe one-knob reverb pedal goes from a light-spring blues sound to more saturated echo for surf music with a quick turn of the dial,с says Kashaуs John Kasha. The Chime Chorus provides a lush effect that рtakes any guitar from a double-coil to a single-coil with a flip of a switch,с also says Kasha. рAnd 6-string acoustics can turn into the tone of 12-strings, like pianos turning into harpsichords.с The pedalуs controls include Mix, Rate, and a Clear/Chime switch. The Kasha Overdrive is a 4-channel stompbox with separate voicing and gain structure, an analog design, and true-bypass switching. Instead of having a standard Tone control, the pedal uses a 4-position switch with Smooth, Classic, Hot, and Melt options. Smooth starts with a +3 dB boost that can be used for a little extra hair, while Classic adds +11 dB and bumps up the bass and highs to your overall tone. The Hot voicing hits your signal with a +15 dB and рturns your amp into a sustaining chainsaw,с says Kasha. And Melt provides a +18 boost with a tight, bottom end. Additional controls on the Overdrive include a Gain knob and a Normal/Turbo switch for a +10 dB clear boost."