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Take a walk through this brief historical photo gallery which outlines the beginnings and design progression of the Rickenbacker guitars that rocked the world. Photos and captions by Ron O''Keefe

1965 export model 1993 in Fireglo
"The model 1993 is the export version of the semi-hollow bodied 12-string guitar (corresponding non-export model is the 330-12) and is distinguished by an f-hole instead of a slash soundhole. The Rose Morris export models were only produced with standard features, save the body binding unique to the model 1993, which in early 1965 was issued with the newly designed рRс tailpiece rather than a trapeze tailpiece. This 12-string guitar model was produced in limited numbers with almost all going to the UK (and most likely all being played by British rockers of that era), making it one of the most sought-after Rickenbacker guitars for collectors. "