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Gatekeeper Introduces GK-Drive Distortion Pedal

Gatekeeper Introduces GK-Drive Distortion Pedal

Gatekeeper, a division of Porter Pickups, has introduced the company’s first pedal model: the brand new GK-Drive, a medium gain distortion.

Gatekeeper’s new GK-Drive is designed to be a versatile overdrive that can also be used as a booster. Its broad range of tones work well with all types of pickups and amps. The 3-knob control set includes Gain, Tone, and Volume, along with a 2-position Lift/Clip switch. The USA-Made pedal features a versatile sweep of the tone and gain knobs paired with the lift/clip switch that can be used to create a fuller sound.


  • Lift/Clip switch: lifts diodes for a fuller sound
  • Tone knob: Active tone control that follows a low pass filter that boosts treble.
  • Gain knob: Sweeps from clean boost to medium gain
  • Volume knob: unity around 2 o’clock
  • 9-volt and 18-volt DC operation with external power supply
  • True bypass switching
  • Made in USA

Introducing the Gatekeeper GK-Drive Pedal

The Gatekeeper GK-Drive pedal carries a $179 price.

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