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Here we go again! Last month we brought you part one of your guitar cohorts’ boards from around the world. Time to dig in for part two.

Premier Guitar’s annual feature gives readers the chance to show off their pedalboards. There are so many ways of thinking when it comes to wiring up your effects—that’s the fun of it! In this round we’ve got a tribute to Eddie Van Halen, a pandemic board from Amsterdam, a maximalist stomper with 17 pedals, a curly cord “board,” and much more. Go forth to discover new pedals, and stomp on!

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A Marshall Valvestate 8100–inspired amp-in-a-box is versatile beyond pure metal applications.

Super-responsive. Huge clean-to-super-saturated gain range. Powerful EQ and contour controls. High-quality build.

Some solid-state harshness lingers at clean settings.


Master Effects Martyr


For many fans of '90s metal, Marshall's masterstroke was not a plexi or Super Lead, but the Valvestate 8100, an inexpensive, hybrid amp that remains a sonic cornerstone of several metal subgenres.

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This simple technique can yield complex filthy tones, but don't lean too heavily on the fuzz.

Hello and welcome back to another session at the Dojo! This time, I'd like to explain the concept of gain staging using two (or more) overdrive/distortion pedals in series (one after another) to get more complex and saturated distortion tones for your recordings. Let's get to it!

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