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All-Star Pedalboards 2017

From classic-rock simplicity to indie-tweaker’s delight: Premier Guitar chronicles the most noteworthy stomp stations from last year’s Rig Rundowns.


Bloc Party
Guitar tech Leif Bodnarchuk says the simplest way to explain guitarist Russell Lissack’s pedal rig is that it contains two loops. Some of the pedals are dedicated to loop A, some are dedicated to loop B, and some float between both. The whole array is heavy on Boss products (13+), but also features Electro-Harmonix stomps (a Deluxe Memory Man, a POG, and a Superego), an Eventide PitchFactor, a clone of a vintage Roland BeeBaa fuzz, and a Line 6 M5. The “brain” (the black box in the middle of the array) was made by Steve Crow from Audio Kitchen in London, and is basically an amped-up A/B switcher with dual outputs, a panic switch, a mute function, and a big red footswitch that moves the signal between loop A and loop B. The pedals rest on several Pedaltrain boards and are powered by Truetone 1 Spot CS7 power supplies.