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Brad Paisley's Flooded Gear

Chad Weaver shares photos of Brad''s flooded rig as he rushes to rebuild

Editor's note: In May 2010, Nashville was hit with devastating flooding that hit the music community particularly hard. Among the losses was near-complete devastation at the instrument storage facility Soundcheck, where many professional guitarists stored their gear. Brad Paisley was one of the guitarists who lost much of his rig. In this spot each month, Brad's tech, Chad Weaver, shares technical tips and his experiences on the road with Brad. This month, Chad has the astounding responsibility of rebuilding Brad's rig from the ground up in a very short period of time. Because of this, Chad wasn't able to complete a full column. In its place, he has provided photos of Brad's gear that was lost at Soundcheck--which we think is appropriate to run under this column's title, "Tech Tales." Chad will be back next month with a full column.

Brad's guitar vault

Water was 4" deep in the bottom drawer of the vault.

One of Brad's Teles

The front of the effects rack

The back of the effects rack

Brad's soaked amps