No, this isn't déjà vu, take another trip back in time to see the gear, hair, and clothes that made the '80s most excellent—party on, dudes!

Laney Ace Frehley

"You mean to tell me that I'm standing here, in a photo shoot, ready to pimp my totally tubular new rig (thank god I finally got rid of all that old $#!%), and NOW you tell me that Sammy's got a lock on the whole Red Rocker thing?!!" [Launches lightning-bolt guitar at personal assistant's head.]

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MG-400 houses 2 powerful DSP chips for high-definition White-Box Amp Modeling algorithm (TS/AC-HD) and Core-Image post-effects.

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Music Nomad introduces a patent pending Grip One, alongside the Humitar One, an all-in-one humidifier and hygrometer.

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Using high-speed signal processing with a dedicated DSP and analog & digital audio circuits we perfected over time, this compact unit attains high sound quality.

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