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GALLERY: Guitars of the Stars, Volume I

See what guitars national touring acts rely on on the road. Photos by Chris Kies, Joe Coffey, Jason Shadrick, and Rebecca Dirks.

John 5
"During the 2009 Rob Zombie tour, John 5 brought a whole boat of Teles. He relied on a (from left to right) Fender Custom Shop rosewood Tele with humbuckers, a baritone Sub-Sonic Tele, a Buck Owens-styled John 5 Custom Tele, a Custom Shop John 5 doubleneck with baritone and standard necks, two backup Flathead Teles (green and sparkle), a relicуd Flathead with FilterTrons, and his first John 5 signature Tele with a Bigsby. Most of John 5уs guitars are stocked with humbuckers and Twisted Tele pickups. Not pictured is Johnуs go-to guitar for live and recording, the prototype for his signature Tele."