Premier Guitar readers show us their boards!

"John was demoing for KW Cabs at the Nashville Amp Expo with this rig. The signal chain is a prototype Badgerplex Plural, prototype Badgerplex Vintage Pre, VHT Valvulator Tube Buffer, pedalboard patch guitar out jumpered to pedalboard patch guitar in (for an ISP Decimator Pro Rack G Channel One when using MIDI four amp switcher with an effects loop), RMC Wizard Wah, custom-color Keeley Four Knob Compressor, Build Your Own Clone Klon Clone, Hermida Zendrive 2, Rock Box Boiling Point, Franklin Pro Drive, Keeley-modified Ibanez 4x2 Turbo Tubescreamer, Xotic BB Preamp, TC Electronic PolyTune, Badger Effects Dual True Bypass Switch (first switch is MXR EVH Phase 90 on Script setting, second is a DigiTech Whammy), pedalboard patch guitar out to amp or custom MIDI amp switcher. If that wasn't enough, the effects loop contains a Strymon Ola Chorus, Strymon Orbit Flanger, Badger Effects True Bypass Single with a Boss HF-2 High Band Flanger in its loop, T-Rex Replica Delay, Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo (John says its the first one), Strymon Favorite Switch for controlling the El Capistan, and Strymon Blue Sk Reverb."
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