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GALLERY: Show Us Your Gear - Unique Instruments

Oddball, one-off, custom, and handmade guitars, amps, and effects

William Brethaur's Hot Rods
"William customized both of these instruments to his specifications. La Bete (left) is a mid-eighties Ibanez AM-75 that he's stocked with Purple/Emerald Lace Dually (neck) and Red/Silver Lace Dually (bridge) pickups installed with Seymour Duncan Triple-Shot pickup rings plus a push-pull phase switch. It features reflective eyes, cross decal, and glow-in-the-dark knobs. The Fartvergnugen (right) was a pawn shop Epiphone Les Paul Bass with a pair of Red/Silver Lace Duallys in Seymour Duncan Triple Shot rings with a push/pull phase switch as one of the volume knobs. It's got knurled knobs and handmade and store-bought decals. Says William, ""There are only a few things from my collection that I haven't customized."""

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