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New York Amp Show Videos

Our video coverage of the New York Amp Show currently features demos from 18 manufacturers

There were a ton of exhibitors at the New York Amp Show, and we got video with them all.  About half of our Amp Show vids are now online, and we''re currently working to get the rest up and available. In the meantime, if you haven''t yet, make sure to check out our photos from the event, and our interview with the show''s founder.

Retro King Amps
We were on location at the NY Amp Show with Retro King Amps. Check out their sweet 18, 45 and 50 watt amps!

Port City Amps
Check out Port City''s Twelve & Dual Fifty hand-wired boutique amps and 2x12 Wave Cabinet.

Metropoulos Amps
With Metropoulos Amps, we get a look at their 1966 Era JTM 45/100 Replica and 1967 Era 100 Watt Replica.

Egnater Amps
Here we see a bunch of amps that Egnater had on display at the NY Amp Show, including the all-purpose Tourmaster and EL84 and 6V6 based Rebel 20.

Bugera Amps
Bugera Amps shows us their hot new 6262 and 333XL amps.

Bogner Amps
Here we check out Bogner Amps new Alchemist and Duende models.

Solid Cables
Solid Cables showed us their "pedal board from hell," and gave us a thorough overview of their cables.

Ark Amps
Ark Amps showed off three of their unique amps for us:  the A+ for a real organic sound, the Shark to blow your face off, and the Tweedface for all the jazz lovers.

GZ Guitar
GZ displayed several of their custom art guitars here.  Check out the some of the sweet designs.

BitMo Amps Mod Kits
Here, Bitmo showed off what their kits can do with a modded Blackheart amp, a modded Valve Junior amp with an attenuator, and one of their modded pedals.

Goodtone Amps
Goodtone showed us their Tandem and Elmira amps featuring a fixed/cathode bias switch.

Fractal Audio Systems
Here we see Fractal Audio Systems'' baby, the Axe-FX Ultra, an effects processor and amp simulator featuring interactive control of a diverse array of sounds.

Goodsell Amps
Goodsell debuted their Super 17 Mark 3 amp for us, a smaller, more compact version of their popular Mark 2.

Club Amps
Designed specifically for smaller environments, like a club let''s say, Club Amps showed us a plethora of set-ups using three different output transformers.

Red Iron Amps
Here are three of Red Iron Amps'' creations, the Mil Spec, the T-Rex, and The Bronx, all featuring octal preamp tubes.

Blackstar Amps
Blackstar Amps showed off some of their beauties, the Artisan Series amps, available in 15, 30, or 100 watts, and their HT Dual, a two channel pedal.

Tonic Amps
Tonic Amps let us see one of their amps, featuring single ended push/pull control.

Analog Man''s New Amp and Pedals
Analog Man showed us some pedals, including their Chorus pedals, Compressor pedals, Juicer pedals, and CompROSSor pedals.  Also, they showed off their new 5-watt practice amp.