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Premier Collector #9: Pre-Gibson, Pre-Samick Valley Arts

Premier Collector #9: Pre-Gibson, Pre-Samick Valley Arts

A bevy of Valley Arts for your perusal

Bob (right) with Steve Lukather
Bob Mattocks is a Valley Arts fanatic who''s dreamed of owning "as many Valley Arts guitars as possible" since his teens. He''s well on his way with this collection. Though not in a touring band, Bob puts his VAs to good use every Sunday at Christ Community Church in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Bob has been collecting for ten years and designed and maintains the website, which is the first site dedicated to pre-Samick and pre-Gibson Valley Arts guitars.

The whole family of guitars -- see below for specific models.

California Pros: (l to r) #9/100, #15/100, #39/100, all signed by founder Mike McGuire

(L to R) Custom Pro Lukather with Fireburst finish and quilted maple, Custom Pro Lukather (stock) signed twice by Lukather

(L to R) Standard Pro Carlton Model (#60/100, hand-signed; M Series; Art Munson Model (pre-serial number)

Bob says, "The M Series was my first VA, and I''ll never get rid of it." His wife, Jennifer, along with his family bought him this first guitar and the rest was history. "Anytime a new one shows up at the door (without her knowing prior to it showing up), I always look at her and say ''What do you want, you started it!''"

Three Custom Pros: (L to R) Tele with solid mahogany, herringbone binding and interlock neck; transparent black with quilted maple, signed by McGuire; and pearl purple

Three more Custom Pros: (L to R) transparent purple with flamed maple, 7/8s, signed by McGuire; pearl white with logo on body; transparent teal, 7/8s, black hardware

(L to R) Custom Pro - black, 7/8s, logo on body; John Crawford (Berlin) bass guitar; Custom Pro Interlock Prototype (serial number 1)

Two Standard Pros: (L to R) white with black headstock, spotless; black with original natural headstock

To join Bob as a Premier Collector, send an e-mail with photos and a description of your gear to

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