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Gibson 60th Anniversary Les Paul & Murphy Lab Demos - Winter Gear Slam '21

Gibson's Mark Agnesi demos two of the brand's most period-correct Les Paul reissues yet, and breaks down the company's new Murphy Lab cosmetic-aging menu.

Gibson 60th Anniversary Les Paul & Murphy Lab

This limited-edition 60th Anniversary model celebrates the iconic 1960 Les Paul Standard, which has shaped music across genres for six decades. The artisans at Gibson Custom Shop have proudly recreated the experience of owning a priceless original thanks to painstaking attention to detail and tireless study of vintage examples, closely following the three distinct versions seen within 1960. Those made in the first third of the year (V1) had the same specs as 1959 models, while the middle third (V2) had thinner neck profiles, different knobs and brighter colors. The final third (V3) featured even thinner neck profiles. Each version is available within this historic limited run of instruments, inspiring players in different ways. Included is a 60th Anniversary switch plate, a commemorative Certificate of Authenticity booklet and a vintage replica hardshell case.

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