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Gibson Announces Firebird X With Built-in Effects

Gibson Announces Firebird X With Built-in Effects

The guitar features built-in effects and Bluetooth control pedals

New York, NY (October 28, 2010) -- After touting a revolutionary announcement for months, Gibson held a press conference today unveiling the Firebird X. The Firebird X features all new electronics with a Pure-Analog Digital Signal Processing engine with Goldtone FX.

The Firebird X features a 2.3 pound chambered Ash body, one-piece asymmetrical maple neck, 23-fret Angelim Rajado (Brazilian Marblewood) 24.75" fretboard with abalone inlays. The guitar feature robot tuners, Tune-o-matic piezo robot bridge, and stop bar robot tailpiece. The Firebird X is loaded with proprietary FBX pickups: alnico II in the neck, ceramic middle, and alnico V bridge humbuckers.

The Firebird X electronics control the guitar's built-in effects and include an 11-position Gear Shift Knob rotary knob, effects faders for Modulation/Echo/Reverb (blue) and Compression/Distortion/EQ (red), and three three-position toggles with wet/dry blend: Modulation/Reverb/Echoplex (blue), Compression/Distortion/EQ (red), Pickup programming/Piezo/Tuning (silver). The guitar comes with an accessory pack unique to its electronics including a Bluetooth number controller pedal, Bluetooth continuous pedal, and battery power converter for the rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. The guitar also ships with a unique FBX case and Ableton Live 8 and Guitar Rig 4 Pro.

The guitar is limited edition and will be released on December 11, 2010 with an MSRP of $5570.

Gibson sent out the following press release following the press conference:

Gibson Guitar Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz introduced the new Firebird X at a packed press conference today held at the Hard Rock Time Square. During the press conference Juszkiewicz talked about the leaders of innovation and the history of technology, all leading up to the unveiling of the Firebird X, a guitar which will change the music industry forever. Stunned press looked on when Juszkiewicz smashed a guitar into pieces in front of the crowd ushering in a new era of guitar technology.

The Firebird X Guitar takes the guitar instrument to new heights of functionality and usability for the professional player and the aspiring enthusiast. Using technologies that did not exist even a few years ago, Gibson has enhanced an already outstanding instrument to unbelievable performance and creative heights. The enhancements touch every aspect of the instrument from using improved manufacturing technologies to the latest electronics.

Gibson’s design goal is to bring more creative options to the player while he or she is playing. Thus the user interface has become richer and simpler. Fundamental musical effects are now available with a minimum of motion and disruption from playing the music. At the same time, the player is able to see what is happening with the guitar very easily, again without disrupting his making music.

Juszkiewicz introduced luthier Frank Johns, who took to the stage to demonstrate the Firebird X guitar and then answered a round of media questions. The guitar will be produced in a very limited quantity worldwide and available on December 11, 2010. They will not be reproduced after the initial offering.
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