Gibson is launching two more Robot Guitars -- a Les Paul and an SG

Nashville, TV (April 10, 2008) -- Gibson is giving customers another chance to buy its Limited Edition Robot Guitar -- this time in both Les Paul and SG styles. The original Robot became instantly known as a major industry innovation as the world''s first self-tuning guitar.

Since only 4000 customers got to enjoy the original December 7, 2007, launch, Gibson decided to produce two more models. Due to large demand by customers, the company made an SG model to match the original Les Paul design. Both the Robot SG Special LTD and the Robot Les Paul Studio LTD are available now at Gibson.


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Body Style Les Paul SG
Top Mahogany Mahogany
Back Maple Mahogany
Binding None None
Finderboard Ebony Ebony
Scale Length 24 3/4" 24 3/4"
Number of Frets 22 22
Width at 12th Fret 2.260 2.260
Inlays White Acryclic Trapezoid White Acrylic Trapezoid
Fingerboard Binding White White
Neck Pickup 490R 490R
Bridge Pickup 498T 498T
Control Pocket Cover Smoked Acrylic Backplate, Black Switchplate Smoky Transparent Acrylic
Toggle Switch White White
Toggle Switch Washer White HS Silver Black HS White
Other Electronics Charger & Power Plug Charger & Power Plug, Battery Pack
Neck Mahogany with 1950''s profile Mahogany
Peghead Pitch 17 17
Neck Nut Corian, Pre-radiused: 1.6875" Corian, Pre-radiused: 1.695"
Neck Joint Location 16th Fret 19th Fret
Head Inlay Holly, Gibson Holly
Head Binding White White, .075
Truss Rod Nickel plated truss rod nut Nickel plated truss rod nut
Truss Rod Cover B/W Bell B/W Bell
Hardware Color Chrome Chrome
Hardware Plating Finish Chrome CHP
Tailpiece Powertune Powertune Stop Bar
Bridge Powertune Powertune
Knobs 1 Powertune Master Control Knob, 3 Blk Tophats Vol/Tone: Silver Insert, Master Control Knob: Silver
Tuners Powertune Satin Nickel Powerheads w/ Brass Sleeves
Strap Buttons Butt/Rim Butt/Rim
Jack Neutrik on Rim Neutrik on Lower Bout
Jack Plate None None
Pickguard None Carbon Fiber
MSRP $3999 $3599

A versatile fuzz inspired by the legendarily damaged tones of Link Wray, Ike Turner, and Grady Martin.

Wide range of tones. Unique fuzz tones. Easy to control. Very responsive to picking dynamics and other effects.

Bias and tone controls would benefit from detents.


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