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Guitar Tech Announces Wallet-Friendly Pedal Line

The Classic Distortion, Analog Delay, Vintage Chorus, Dot-Matrix Tuner, and Active Volume Pedal retail under £50

United Kingdom (December 7, 2010) -- John Hornby Skewes & Co, Ltd., worldwide trade distributors of Guitar Tech products, are pleased to announce the new range of Guitar Tech guitar pedals.

The Classic Distortion (GTE001) pedal emulates the huge, driven tone of an overdriven amp being pushed by a pedal. Featuring a simple layout of Level (actual output), Gain (amount of distortion) and Hi and Lo tone controls, along with a bypass function to eliminate signal loss and unwanted noise, the Guitar Tech Classic Distortion is designed to create any distorted tone of choice, from classic rock to modern metal, with a cutting tone and abundant sustain. £39.99 (approx. $63)

The Guitar Tech Analog Delay (GTE002) is designed to have a warm, natural sound reminiscent of classic analog delay stompboxes and vintage tape delay units. The Analog Delay's three-way Time, Mix and Repeat control system provides a wide range of classic delay sounds, from '50s slapback all the way up to 440ms of delay. £44.99 (approx. $70)

The Vintage Chorus (GTE003) has simple Speed, Mix and Depth controls designed to produce a lush tone for any occasion, from shimmering rhythm patterns to water-drenched, vibrato rounded lead lines. The pedal is also equipped with a true bypass function. £49.99 (approx. $80)

The Dot Matrix Tuner (GTE004) is a true bypass chromatic pedal tuner ideal for use on stage. The Dot Matrix Tuner lets the player tune up to within two cents, using a large LED display and a simple up and down arrow system (to signify if the sound sharp or flat). When engaged, the Dot Matrix Tuner mutes the guitar's output. £49.99 (approx. $80)

The Active Volume Pedal (GTE005) is a smooth, foot operated volume control with features customizable Minimum and Maximum volume controls. It can be used as a killswitch, or as a boost for soloing, or to increase gain while on drive settings. £49.99 (approx. $80)

The pedals all come housed in sturdy metal cases and all can be powered by 9v batteries or through a power supply unit.

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