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Headkases -- Tougher Than you Realized

Veteran plastic manufacturers get in the music game.

Headkase has made cases like this amp head case for acts like Sugarland and Saliva
Fort Wayne, IN (February 4, 2008) -- When APR Plastic Fabricating, Inc. bought a CNC machine for its plant, the company didn''t know what it was getting into. The machine didn''t get much use at first, so APR decided to add some new products to its line. Many employees were musicians (including the owner, general manager and plant manager), so before long the machine was cranking out guitar and amp cases. Headkase was born.

PG staffer Brett Petrusek pointed us in the direction of Headkase at NAMM. The bright colors, engraved logos and unique plastic material were enough for us to take notice, so when we got back from the show we called up Chad Falls, Operations Manager for Headkase, and he filled us in on the details of this new company.

A plastic manufacturer with more than 20 years experience, APR''s usual fare runs along the lines of plastic tanks used for nickel and gold plating -- activities that use highly abrasive chemicals. A crack in one of these cases could cost someone their limb or worse, so these guys have certainly perfected their craft. Translation: your precious gear is more than protected.

"We use high-density polyethylene, which is five times stronger than what everybody else uses, but weighs the same," explains Falls. Polyethylene is the most popularly used plastic in the world, and it is probably found all over your house, from plastic bags to shampoo bottles to bullet proof vests (who doesn''t have one of those around the house?). Falls says it won''t crack or break like the wood you find in normal cases. Simply put, "You can hit it with a sledgehammer," he says. "Other cases would shatter, but ours won''t."

This ultra-road-worthiness doesn''t come with a sacrifice of visuals either. The cases are available in an array of colors, inside and out. Right now the company offers red, yellow, green, orange, blue and black. In addition, they offer logo engraving on the cases for a permanent identity stamp, which is great if you don''t plan on changing the name of your band too often.

The company makes cases for guitars, amp heads, combo amps, cables, mixers, pedal boards, projectors, LCD screens, speakers, wardrobe, and racks. And if you''re in the medical business, they make cases to protect your organs as well -- no joke. They even make lighter-weight cases from corrugated polypropylene. While they run about the same price as the regular cases, they weigh 40 percent less and their strength is comparable to wood laminate.

With no distribution and little advertising, Headkase''s reputation is spreading thanks to bands Sugarland and Saliva. The company is still working on distribution, orders can be taken directly through the company''s website,, or by e-mailing Chad directly at Cases starts at $129, but most of the company''s products run about $400.