Putting padding around your guitar’s headstock is the best way to ensure it from being damaged during shipment.

You can reduce your fears about shipping your instrument by taking the right steps to protect it in transit.

Even if you own only one instrument, if you’re an active guitar player, chances are good that sooner or later you’ll have to pack your guitar for shipment. Although it’s hard for some packers to realize, the dangers of shipping your guitar by UPS or FedEx are essentially the same as putting your guitar on an airline’s luggage conveyor belt when you fly.

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The key feature is the integrated line of LED lights placed within the interior lid of the case.

Lutz, FL (August 3, 2017) -- Gator Cases sets a new standard for the music case industry by releasing a first-in- class versions of guitar cases – all featuring an interior LED light fixture. This new line of guitar cases is called the LED Edition, and it is available in options for bass and electric guitars.

The key feature of the Gator Cases LED Edition guitar cases is the integrated line of LED lights placed within the interior lid of the case. When the case is opened, the LED lights automatically turn on, illuminating the guitar and interior storage compartment that houses picks, capos and other accessories. The light can also be adjusted to manually turn on and off, as opposed to automatically when the case opens or closes. For musicians backstage or side stage getting ready for a show, this LED light feature is the perfect solution to quickly access your guitar and accessories in low-lighted areas.

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The Concept series cases feature a Rigidlite, proprietary, precision-molded exterior with a plush, cushion-soft, secure-fit interior.

TLK Cases
Acoustic Cases

Oilville, VA (July 18, 2017) -- Utilizing the innovative designs, materials and manufacturing processes that have allowed them to become the preferred OEM case maker for many of the world’s leading guitar companies, TKL Products Corp. currently offers a range of Concept MC and Zero-Gravity cases developed to fit most every vintage and contemporary acoustic guitar on the market. Both series are noted for their unique combination of portability, protection and affordability and both carry TKL’s exclusive 24/7 Protection Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Concept series cases feature a Rigidlite, proprietary, precision molded exterior with a plush, Cushion-Soft, Secure-Fit interior and TKL’s reliable Providence-Forge hardware. Secure-Fit is a exclusive TKL process that ensures a perfect fit and maximum protection for every guitar type/body style. The rugged design is recommended for professionals, semi-pro’s and collectors.

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