Hardshell cases have their place, but if you want to stay nimble and hands-free, a good gigbag is priceless.

When hustling to get to a gig or practice, or carrying-on your guitar when flying, employing a gigbag is a guaranteed liberating experience from a clunky, hardshell case. Here are 10 options that will get you and your guitar where you’re going—safe, sound, and stealthier.


Featuring a grippy shoulder strap and an included weather cover, this bag uses a unique side-carry design for a more comfortable, practical way to carry your instrument.
$199 street



Deluxe Gig Bag
This lightweight gigbag protects guitars with 25 mm foam-padded walls and an interior foam block with a hook-and-loop guitar-neck strap for added support.
$129 street



Featuring a durable outer covering, thick padding to protect against drops, neck support, and reflective piping, this gigbag also has a secret top pocket for keys, phone, etc.
$159 street


This carrier boasts ultra-thick interior padding, an adjustable neck cradle, spacious storage pockets, and ergonomic “s-type” shoulder straps with massage cushions.
$181 street


M80 Stealth
Designed with the minimalist in mind thanks to inside storage pockets, this top-loading bag features a water-resistant sharkskin shell finish and plush lining for superior guitar protection.
$199 street


Transit Series
Featuring an adjustable and removable 3-point interior padding system and 20-mm-thick foam, these gigbags also have protective rubber tread on their bottoms.
$109 street


Agony Series
These gigbags feature a lightweight and flat design, durable 600D polyester exterior, 20 mm padding, a plush diamond tuck interior, and a large front pocket.
$49 street


RBX Oxford Series
The protection system for these bags is made up of lightweight multi-layer foam with strategically placed impact panels, as well as a dense foam neck cradle and end-pin rest.
$119 street


Highway Series
With thick, protective 20 mm internal foam, these double-lid-designed bags also feature corrugated front and back boards for impact resistance without adding weight.
$131 street


Powerpad Designer Collection
Available in multiple colors, these affordable bags feature four storage compartments, 15-mm-thick cushioning, and an interior belt that securely grips and braces the neck of your guitar.
$38 street

A compact pedal format preamp designed to offer classic, natural bass tone with increased tonal control and extended headroom.

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Fig. 1

Here’s a different way to unleash the beast within your tracks.

Welcome to another Dojo. Last month I explained in detail how to set up and use sidechain compression techniques to get that classic pop/EDM pumping sound on your rhythm guitar parts and other instruments in your mix. This time, we’ll use the same setup techniques but, instead of sidechaining a compressor, I’m going to show you the benefits of using a gate.

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In high cotton: Charlie Musselwhite is thoroughly content with his return to the Delta. “We love living here,” he says. “It just makes sense, and it feels like the blues is alive and well in the Delta and you can just feel it rising up from the earth, it’s so present.”

Photo by Rory Doyle

On his new album, Mississippi Son, the harmonica giant steps out on guitar, evoking the legends of country blues 6-string and earning his place among them.

For Charlie Musselwhite, the blues isn’t just a style of music. It’s a sacrament. And Musselwhite is one of its high priests. With a palmful of bent notes on the harmonica—the instrument on which he’s been an acknowledged master for more than a half-century—or the fat snap of a guitar string, he has the power to summon not only the blues’ great spirits, but the places they rose from. If you listen closely, you can envision the Mississippi Delta’s plantation lands, where the summer sun forms a shimmering belt on the low horizon and even a slight breeze can paint your face red with clay dust. It’s a place both old and eternal—full of mystery and history and magic. And the music from that place, as Musselwhite sings in his new song “Blues Gave Me a Ride,” “tells the truth in a world full of lies.”

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