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Gator Launches Pocket-Sized Pedalboard

Gator Launches Pocket-Sized Pedalboard

Designed to fit inside most Gator gig bags, it can hold up to six standard-sized pedals or eight mini-format pedals.

Gator Co. introduces the Pocketboard: a compact metal pedalboard designed for the minimalist musician. Perfect for fly gigs, this micro-sized board allows players to downsize their rig while leaving enough room for the essentials.

The Pocketboard simplifies travel by fitting inside the large exterior pocket of most gig bags with pedals attached, including Gator's ProGo Series. Despite its compact dimensions, it can hold up to six standard-sized pedals or eight mini-format pedals configured in either portrait or landscape mode. The built-in handle ensures easy retrieval from the pocket.

The board’s perforated surface, measuring 10.75 by 10.25 inches, is equipped with two sizes of holes: larger ones enable power cable routing, while smaller ones accommodate zip ties for cable management, resulting in a clean and organized setup. Optimized for wall-wart style power supplies, the board pairs perfectly with Gator's GTR-PWR-1MAX, which includes a multi-output daisy chain cable.

Gator offers an extensive selection of guitar effects pedalboards and accessories, featuring isolated power supplies, power cables of various sizes and functions, pedalboards in both metal and wood, among other items.

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Gator GPB Pocketboard Pedalboard

Metal pedalboard design to fit in most Gator Case