​ERRA’s Jesse Cash and Clint Tustin Rig Rundown
Rig Rundow: ERRA's Jesse Cash & Clint Tustin

This odd-couple guitar duo complement each other with a melodic mix of breakneck notes and juggernaut riffs, all effortlessly executed on 7-string shred sticks from Ibanez and Jackson.

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Guitars, basses, pedals, amps, and more … high-quality gear kept arriving in 2023 at a record pace. Here are the past 12 months’ Premier Gear Award winners.

Read on to see which debut tone toys of 2023 reaped Premier Gear Awards from our editors and expert reviewers!

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Rig Rundown: Fontaines D.C.'s Carlos O'Connell & Conor Curley

Carlos O’Connell deforms his guitar with an unusual ordering of shapeshifting stompboxes, while Conor Curley embraces jangling and kerranging melodies on his hollowbody howlers. Together, they combine for a charming, chaotic chemistry.

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