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Holeyboard Unveils The Versa

Holeyboard Unveils The Versa

The Versa is designed to offer a cornucopia of easy, damage-free, mounting opportunities to fit any pedal or power supply.

From mini pedals to Wah’s, weird shaped stuff and everything regular in-between.

Low-profile in the front row so you barely need to lift your foot, yet easy to hit the pedals in the back with the ergonomically designed, angled and split deck.

Infinity Edge Design: allows for maximum real estate for pedals with minimum space required on the floor as there are no additional risers or thick edges to get in the way.

The V-Channel gives the board two distinct inclined levels that afford you the freedom of infinite options for pedal customization and a handy place to route cables.

Modular: It’s perfect for 2 or 3 pedals or 10. If you fill up your Versa you can easily add another in a matter of seconds with a Z Connector.

Strong, Lightweight, Dependable: Proudly built in Minneapolis, MN USA with a lifetime warranty. We are committed to making the easiest-to-use, highest-precision pedalboards.


  • $119 for a single or $199 for the Duo 2-Pack
  • 13” x 14” x 3.375”
  • 2 lb light

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