Chemistry Design Werks Unveils the Holeyboard NEXT Series

The pedalboards are made of stonewood, an innovative material made from layers of paper infused with a bonding resin under high pressure.

St. Paul, MN (February 6, 2017) -- The original Holeyboard introduced the world to freedom from hook & loop fasteners and thoughtful ease-of-use. Chemistry Design Werks never stops moving forward. Creators of the original Holeyboard Pedalboards they use thoughtful design and creative problem solving skills through research, sketching, prototyping and testing (along with plenty of coffee drinking) to make pedalboards better.

Introducing the forward-thinking Holeyboard Next Series. The Next Series is constructed of stonewood, an innovative material made from layers of paper infused with a bonding resin under high pressure. Made in Wisconsin, USA. It is sustainable, local and moving the planet forward with Engineering Excellence. Strength, rigidity, durability, moisture and chemical resistance are all properties of Stonewood. It's appearance is elegant and beautiful, coming across more like a dark walnut with a hint of gray. It is the next evolution of Holeyboard Technology.

The Holeyboard NEXT Series Features:

  • Patents Issued
  • Easy to attach and change out pedals without hook and loop or nasty adhesives! Mount any pedals quick, tight and fast with zip ties.
  • Reach the pedals in the back row fast and easy. The movable, elevated and angled Top Deck eliminates the toe dance.
  • Grab it, and go. Picking up The NEXT Series is comfortable and quick, with three integrated handles. Easy load-in and load-out, easy to move, easy to use.Better.
  • The curved deck follows the arc of your foot for easier, intuitive pedal switching.
  • Power Supplies mount easily under the Top Deck. No special brackets required.
  • Doesn't slide, stays put. Screwed-in (not stuck on) real rubber feet to keep your board from sliding in the spilled beer and whatever else is on the stage when it’s your turn to play.

Built with precision in Minneapolis. Proudly celebrating American design and engineering excellence. Street price is $169 and up.

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