This patent pending guitar system is a guitar stand with an integrated seat.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (May 3, 2011) --Iconic Metal has announced global availability of The AxSys 1.0. This patent pending guitar system is a guitar stand with an integrated seat.

Designed for gigging, practice, or the studio, the AxSys 1.0 is a guitar system that provides the musician a secure place to rest the instrument, as well as a comfortable seat to perform. The key to its specialized performance lies in how the seat completes two separate jobs by pivoting on an axis point. When used as a guitar stand, the seat is angled down for the instrument to rest against. To transform the AxSys 1.0 into the seated mode, just pick up the guitar and push the back of the seat down, which locks in place.

“The AxSys 1.0 is a high-end product that can be enjoyed by everyone from casual guitar players at home to the professional on tour,” said Paul Lach, founder of Iconic Metal. “Iconic Metal put many hours into research and design to ensure that the AxSys 1.0 would have the durability, functionality and timeless style to last a lifetime.”

The AxSys 1.0 is 18 1/2" high, allowing the guitarist to keep their feet on the floor for stabilization and to access effects, while providing the ergonomics for proper posture. Displaying super strength, the framework is made up of 1 1/2" x .250" walled, aircraft grade aluminum tubing with rich, penetrating welds. Iconic Metal focuses on quality design and manufacturing, which can be seen in the smallest details, from the welded end caps of the tubing to the leather support pads. The seat incorporates 2" high density foam for firmness and ultra comfort without bottoming out. Another unique feature is the motocross-inspired gripper seat cover. The non-skid aspect of the seat cover is essential in stabilizing the guitar when it’s in stand mode. The guitar rests by leaning the back of the guitar on the seat pad. Nothing touches the neck of the instrument.

The AxSys 1.0 is manufactured in the USA, has a limited lifetime warranty, and available online or at select dealers for $300 MSRP.

For more information:
Iconic Metal

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