The Soapbars are designed to retain a vintage vibe with expanded presence and clarity

Manassas, VA (November 5, 2010) -- Joe Barden Engineering proudly announces its new JBE Soapbar pickups, at the request of Joe Barden users.

Soapbar pickups generally occupy the sonic space between single-coil and humbucker pickups. But, unlike other soapbar pickups, JBE Soapbars exhibit an expanded presence and clarity that make them more than mere vintage recreations.

“Let’s face it,” said Frank T, JBE’s President. “For JBE to offer a soapbar pickup, we had to have something different to say. And we do. “

According to JBE, trial users have been amazed at the enhanced musicality and tone of JBE Soapbar pickups, and the fact JBE was able to retain the vibe for which soapbar pickups are cherished.

Here's how the company describes the new pickups:
• The bridge pickup has the bark and authority that you would expect from a pickup in its class.
• The neck pickup is warm, articulate, and open sounding without being dull, flat or muddy.
• In the middle position of a two pickup guitar equipped with a set of JBE Soapbars, you get a hollow/woody tone that seems to belie the tone of each pickup played alone.
• Best of all, like all JBE pickups, there is no noise or hum that is so often attendant with single coil soapbar designs.
JBE Soapbars are available in packaged sets of Neck and Bridge or Bridge only, and in a choice of black or “vintage” cream colors.

MAP: $279.95/Set
Bridge only: $159.95

For more information:
Joe Barden
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