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June 2007 New Products

New Products for June 2007

Zion The Ninety Guitar

The Ninety, by Zion Guitar Technology, is a semi-hollow design featuring modern innovations. It uses a new, angled peghead neck design that adjusts under a real mother of pearl cover. Sperzel locking tuners and a Graphtech nut combine for the ultimate in tuning stability. The Ninety features a figured maple top laminated to your choice of back and a traditional “F” hole cut like its orchestral cousins.

MSRP $2795
Zion The Ninety Guitar

Dragonfly Stethoscope Practice AmpDragonfly Stethoscope Practice Amp

A unique, new “portable travel amp,” the Dragonfly provides players with a lightweight, self-sufficient, natural amplification device that attaches to the back of almost any electric guitar or bass. The Dragonfly uses a headset to provide players with private listening, so as not to disturb others, and never requires batteries, power supplies or electric cables to operate.


Straub Amplifiers Twisted Triode Amp

By utilizing the power of 2A3 power triodes, the Twisted Triode delivers deeper, thicker and richer tones than those of your typical lower wattage EL84 or single-ended amps. At the same time it has more raucous sounds than those of your typical 6V6, 6L6 or EL34 amps, all in a 12-watt package. This amp provides a full-range master volume control allowing for low volume playing, but also offers a built in all-tube boost circuit. The Twisted Triode has an engraved backlit acrylic faceplate and is enclosed in a solid dovetailed Sapele cabinet.

MSRP $2995
Straub Amplifiers Twisted Triode Amp

Lava Cable Retro-Coil Instrument CableLava Cable Retro-Coil Instrument Cable

Using specially annealed low strand count copper conductors and G&H Ultra-Clear plugs, the Lava Cable Retro-Coil cable delivers unmatched sonic performance. This cable is completely made in the USA and includes cable, plugs and assembly. Unique among coiled cables, all plug options are available: silent plug to straight or right angle, straight to straight, right angle to straight, and right angle to right angle. The Retro-Coil comes with a lifetime warranty.

25’ for $69.95

Peavey VB-2 Tube Bass Amp

The VB-2 is built around a tube power section that utilizes six EL34 tubes to deliver 225 watts of power. By adjusting the Clean Gain and Overdrive Gain controls on the footswitchable Clean and Crunch channels, players can dial in a variety of tones, all while delivering the necessary “cut” to maintain a strong bass presence in live performances. Peavey’s patented Resonance and Presence controls, which adjust the damping factor at the low and high ends, along with a three-way speaker impedance selector, enable players to match the VB-2 to virtually any bass speaker enclosure.

MSRP $1099.99
Peavey VB-2 Tube Bass Amp

Asher Electro-Hawaiian Junior Lap SteelAsher Electro-Hawaiian Junior Lap Steel

The new Asher Electro-Hawaiian Junior offers wider string spacing for smoother playability and a longer scale length suitable for guitar and dobro players. The Junior offers a full 25” scale length and an electronic configuration much like a modern-day electric guitar, including two humbucking pickups, a three-way selector switch, and volume and tone controls. Both neck and body are crafted from solid mahogany and available in a tobacco-burst, antiquewhite or cherry red finish. Includes gig bag.

MSRP $759

Tesla AH-1 Active Humbuckers

Tesla’s AH-1 Active Humbucker pickups give players the benefit of noiseless performance with a warm, naturally enhanced tone. Clean tones shimmer yet these pickups provide all the crunch needed when driven. Each set comes complete with one specially calibrated neck and bridge pickup, volume and tone potentiometers, battery clip, tone capacitors, output jack, springs and screws.

MSRP $165
Tesla AH-1 Active Humbuckers

Zemaitis GZA Acoustic GuitarsZemaitis GZA Acoustic Guitars

Zemaitis International recently launched their Custom Shop acoustics; these are now joined by the new GZA Acoustic Guitar series. These follow in the Zemaitis tradition yet are designed to be more affordable, putting them in the reach of more guitarists. For example, the GZA300-HEART features a solid spruce top, rosewood sides and back, the Zemaitis “heart” rosette and “smiley” bridge.


Glasstone Amplification Legend 3015 Amp

The Legend 3015 from Glasstone Amplification is a dual channel, all-tube guitar amp head. Both channels are fully independent (including preamp tubes) and include gain and volume controls, as well as 3-band passive tone controls. The power amplifier is a nonfeedback design using a pair of EL34s configured in a push-pull class AB circuit, with power output switchable between 30 and 15 watts. A series tube-driven effects loop allows you to patch-in effects between the preamp and power amp.

MSRP $1595
Glasstone Amplification Legend 3015 Amp