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June 2008 New Products

This month''s new products feature offerings from Dean, Ampeg, Solid Cables, TC Electronic, Carl Martin, Gibson and more.

Dean Dime Razorback 10k

The Dean Dime Razorback line has shipped over 10,000 unites since its inception and the Dime Razorback 10k has been announced to commemorate this milestone. Each Razorback 10k features a diamond top plate, a mahogany body outfitted with locking Floyd Rose tremolo system, a Duncan Dimebucker in the bridge position, black Grover tuners and Dime''s trademark traction knobs. A rosewood fingerboard and signature pearl razorblade inlay at the 12th fret complete the design.

MSRP $1889

Dean Dime Razorback 10k

Ampeg SVT Micro HeadAmpeg SVT Micro Head

Ampeg is introducing a miniature version of the legendary SVT amplifier, the SVT Micro Head. Dressed in classic Ampeg attire, it features a real Ampeg preamp and 150 watts of RMS solid-state power. For recording sessions, the SVT Micro Head has an auxiliary stereo input that is mixed with the main input and drives the headphone output, allowing players to listen to a click track while simultaneously recording direct. Ampeg is also introducing the companion SVT-210AV speaker enclosure, with two 10” Eminence speakers in a sealed cab.

SVT Micro Head $399.99
SVT-210AV $299.99

Solid Cables Dynamic Arc Ultra Cable

Solid Cables’ new Dynamic Arc Ultra guitar cable is a rugged and gig-friendly option for guitarists looking for pro-level tone. The Dynamic Arc Ultra features ultra-pure, oxygen free copper for increased harmonic content; a tear strength of 6000 PSI for incredible durability; a design that rejects up to 98 percent of EMI/RFI noise; and nickel-plated ends for classic tone. The Dynamic Arc Ultra is available in stock lengths from 12'' to 21'' and comes in dusk cherry or carbon black.

Starting at $135.95

Solid Cables Dynamic Arc Ultra Cable

TC Electronic Nova Dynamics TC Electronic Nova Dynamics

TC Electronic announces the availability of the Nova Dynamics, packing uncompromised studio-quality effects into a compact floor-based design. The Nova Dynamics combines a stomp compressor, providing classic pedal compression, and a studio compressor, allowing for totally transparent dynamics control usually only found in high-end rack processors. The dual engine design makes it possible to switch between two different compression sounds or settings for different guitars. The dry blend feature enables the user to mix in dry signal along with the compressed signal for unaltered attack, preservation of playing dynamics and limitless sustain.

MSRP $345

GrooveTech Guitar Player Tech Kit

CruzTOOLS, an established manufacturer of tools and tool kits for motorcycles, has launched a new line of musician’s tools with the GrooveTech Guitar Player Tech Kit. Included is a 6-in-1 screwdriver, five metric and six fractional hex (Allen) keys, 15-blade thickness gauge, 6” steel ruler, diagonal cutters, capo, LED flashlight and string winder. The screwdriver includes two Phillips tips (#1 and #2), two slotted tips (1/4” and 3mm) and two nut drivers (1/4” and 3/16”) for truss rod duties.

MSRP $61.95

GrooveTech Guitar Player Tech Kit

Carl Martin EchotoneCarl Martin Echotone

The Carl Martin Echotone gives you 1200 milliseconds of vintage echo, footswitchable Tap or Manual time settings, insert loop and a switchable trail function at bypass. As with all Danish-built Carl Martin effects, the Echotone comes in a low-profile housing, coated in the new off-white color, and a built-in 12V(±) regulated power supply.

Gibson Robot SG Special Ltd.

Gibson Guitar announces a limited edition offering of the new Gibson Robot SG Special following worldwide demand from fans and musicians. The model features a performance safeguarding Neutrik jack, which secures the cord into the guitar, and Robot automatic tuning. The Gibson Robot SG Special Ltd. model is being offered for a limited time and in a limited quantity Purple Metallic finish.

MSRP $3999

Gibson Robot SG Special Ltd.

Waves GTR SoloWaves GTR Solo

Waves announces GTR Solo, the latest addition to the GTR series of guitar and bass processing solutions. Featuring a number of realistically modeled amps, cabinets and stompboxes, GTR Solo offers studio-quality sounds in an intuitive, affordable software package. It includes ten amp models, including units from Fender, Marshall and Vox, modeled using revolutionary sampling techniques. Ten cabinets and 13 stompboxes round out the package.

MSRP $140

TubeUlent Tube Guitar Preamp

The best way to describe the TubeUlent is a tube amplifier that has been reduced in size and weight, with the final output configured to operate as a preamp. This allows a player to plug the TubeUlent into any piece of equipment that will accept a standard effect. The smaller size and weight make for a more portable rig, and it works with any amplifier, from a headphone amp to multi-channel powerhouses.

MSRP $599

TubeUlent Tube Guitar Preamp