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Kepma D2-120 & GA 1-130 Demos - Summer Gear Slam 2020

Casper Esmann busts out killer fingerstyle chops on new dread and auditorium models.


Kepma D2-120

Once you put a Kepma D2-120 in your hands, you won't want to put it down. The D2-120 Models are the backbone of the Kepma Guitars Elite series. Every guitar is precision manufactured to tolerances within 1/1000"... Every guitar's neck is Plek™ finished to perfection, hand inspected and then vibration "aged" for over 300 hours to ensure that it sounds and plays the best.

The Kepma D2-120 has a150-year old North American AAA Sitka Spruce top that has been custom tapered and individually hand "tap tuned" to provide the perfect frequency response and tonal balance, plus a precision-formed Indian Rosewood back and sides that adds in that sparkle top end and clarity sought after by the worlds most demanding players. The D2-120 gives you a very balanced rich warmth, sparkle and punch with an insane amount of projection and dynamic loudness that responds to your attack. Whether playing emotive soft passages or full on acoustic aggressive mayhem, the Kepma D2-120 delivers. 

Kepma GA1-130

The Grandest of Grand Auditorium models, the Kepma Elite Series GA1-130 is a solid performance guitar… and then some.

The GA1-130 is an all-solid construction venetian cutaway guitar that features a AAA+ 150-year old solid Alaskan spruce top and solid African mahogany back & sides. The all-solid construction projects the guitar’s unbelievably balanced warm and rich sound in a way that simply can’t be done with other solid instruments. There’s a mojo in the harmony of construction that truly provides that “synergistic” experience that will delight even the most critical of players.

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