Kilpatrick Audio Announces Striptease Effects Controller

The Striptease is a touch-sensitive effects controller that mounts to your guitar.

Toronto, Canada (February 22, 2010) -- Effects manufacturer Kilpatrick Audio has announced the Striptease controller designed specifically for guitar and bass. Similar to ribbon controllers found on many synthesizers, Striptease enables the fast and accurate sonic control that only fingers can provide. The Striptease features a 100mm touch-sensitive strip that can be attached to a variety of positions on the instrument and is compatible with specially designed pedals from Kilpatrick Audio.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Kilpatrick Audio has garnered a reputation for its critically acclaimed combination effects pedals. All Kilpatrick Audio stomp boxes feature a tandem of two or more effects that are hand-tuned for maximum cooperation and interaction.

The Striptease will be included with compatible effects products from Kilpatrick Audio. The first model, a modulating kill switch effect will be available in March 2010 at an MSRP of $379.

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