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KRK Rokit G4 Demo - Summer Gear Slam 2020

The famous maker of quality, affordable studio monitors unveils 4th-generation speakers with a killer new app that helps you choose preset EQ curves customized to your studio environment.


KRK Rokit G4

The new ROKIT Generation 4 (“G4”) line of professional monitors by KRK Systems takes music and sound creativity to a whole new industry-level. DSP-driven room tuning with 25 visual Graphic EQ settings on an LCD, combined with the included KRK Audio Tools App help minimize and correct problems in your acoustic environment. Matching drivers made with Kevlar® ensures the same sonic integrity on every single frequency, minimizes listening-fatigue, and offers an incredibly balanced listening experience. A scientifically designed high-quality speaker enclosure and newly-designed front-firing port offer exceptional low-end extension, punch and flexible room-positioning. High density Iso-foam pads decouple the speaker from the surface for improved clarity while fluid mechanics fully tuned to the entire system result in a deep and dynamic listening “sweet-spot” with incredible imaging and 3D soundstage. A new custom designed efficient class D power amp reduces operating temperatures to retain better audio integrity while a built-in Brickwall limiter automatically engages at maximum amp-level to maintain a balanced sound, protect the system, and offer better and wider dynamics. Although truly affordable, price isn’t even in the ROKIT conversation—professionals choose ROKITs for their time-tested and reliable results. The new ROKIT Generation 4 Line actually is ROKIT Science.

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