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This software combines a breakthrough processor and new ARC 4 software for natural and transparent sound.

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ARC System Lets You Trust Your Monitors

New York, NY (October 7, 2007) – IK Multimedia and Audyssey have teamed up to create the ARC System -- an innovative, low-cost and portable solution to the distortion problems caused by room acoustics. Released over the weekend at the 123rd Audio Engineering Society convention in New York, the ARC System is the first acoustic room correction system in a plug-in.

The ARC System helps you address one of the most critical factors influencing the quality of a music production -- the accuracy of the monitoring system. In fact, the combination of speakers and room acoustics prove to be the weakest link in the music production chain. When monitors are placed in a room, the surrounding walls, ceiling, furniture and other objects reflect and absorb their sounds; creating complex distortions specific to the room -- causing them to lose the accuracy they have been designed for and you end up hearing more of the sound of the room than the music actually being produced.

The ARC System delivers the most advanced solution to acoustical problems for any DAW-based studio. By combining a professionally calibrated microphone, standalone software that captures sound information and calculates proper roomer corection, and a multi-platform plug-in, ARC features the revolutionary Audyssey MultEQ® technology, which measures acoustical information throughout the listening area in your studio. It then combines this information to provide an accurate representation of the room’s acoustical problems. The equalization solution then corrects for both time and frequency response problems more effectively and efficiently than any other room correction EQ on the market. The result is a clear and reliable representation of your mix. Regardless of the acoustical issues in your studio, what you are recording, mixing or mastering becomes immediately clear and reliable and your studio sound will improve forever.

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