Kustom Amps expanded their line of High Voltage hybrid tube amps and have given them a new look.

Hebron, KY (March 29, 2009) -- Kustom Amplification has expanded its line of High Voltage (HV) hybrid tube guitar amplifiers and in the process, given them a refined new look. A 100-watt half-stack and 20-watt combo now join the line, which also consists of 30-watt, 65-watt and 100-watt combos. All HV models provide tube preamps, Celestion speakers and designs by noted amp guru James Brown.

Visually, the HVs now feature a unique, rounded cabinet top, all-new handle and control knob designs, new grill cloth, vents and piping, as well as the classic, vintage Kustom logo.

The HV100T represents the top-of-the-line High Voltage combo. One hundred watts and two 12-inch Celestion speakers provide tight, high-volume tube tone and touch. But the core of the HV100T is its 12AX7 tube preamp. To maximize the tube’s distinctive audio characteristics and dynamic range, it operates at higher voltage levels. This circuit generates the complex tonality and responsive feel of tube amplification, without the weight and expense of all-tube designs.

The new HV100THD takes this same circuitry and offers it in a 100-watt head format. It may be matched with new HV 4x12 speaker cabinets, which feature Celestion speakers and the new HV aesthetics.
All HV amplifiers have two-channels, each with Gain and Master Volume controls. This Dual Master system provides natural tube overdrive and compression on either channel and it’s great for dialing in medium-gain tones with ease. When high-gain sounds are required, these models bring it with a vengeance -- from singing lead tones to heavy grinding rhythms.

The new HV20T distills the HV experience down to a 20-watter with a 10-inch Celestion speaker. This model has its own unique effects section that mixes analog and digital technologies to provide an independent Reverb control as well as eight footswitchable effects, including a “Delay + Boost” setting that makes guitar solos stand out.

All other HV models utilize a 24-bit Digital Multi-Effects system with 16 high-fidelity, semi-programmable effects with Tap or Toggle functions for each selection, effectively adding further choices for players.
Select HV models provide a variable, footswitchable Volume Boost that allows players to dial in the perfect volume level for solos – whether clean or dirty – and then activate this boost using the HV footswitch.

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