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Lee Jackson Launches Crackpotz Tone Knob Effects

Crackpotz are effects built into replacement tone knobs and include distortion, boost, compressor, wah, and fuzz.

Austin, TX (September 23, 2010) -- Famed amplifier guru, Lee Jackson, who founded the legendary Metaltronix & Lee Jackson Amplifier lines, has announced the introduction of the world’s first direct replacement tone knob effects, Crackpotz Effects, made in Austin, Texas.

From his early days modding and designing amps for artists like Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, George Lynch, Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, and Zakk Wylde, Lee has developed a line of effect pedals, some of which incorporate his famous amp designs. Now, Lee has taken many of his famous sound designs and incorporated them into replacement tone knobs for guitarist and bassists alike. Lee uses analog circuitry with true hardwire bypass on all Crackpotz replacement knobs.

Lee’s first Crackpotz, the Stack in a Jack, is modeled after his famous Marshall mods. Says Crackpotz, "It is the warmest, smoothest distortion you have ever heard. It really acts like one of Lee’s guitar amps as the distortion is fully controllable by your guitar!" Retail $149.

Next, Lee introduces the circuitry used in his Active Gain pedal in the Crackpotz BitchBoost. Crackpotz says, "This incredible model features a buffered output that when pulled on at unity gain (0), will allow you to run a 250ft guitar cable with zero signal degradation! Then, when dialed from 1 to 11, you can increase the output of your instrument by over 100 times its normal output, driving the front end of a tube amp to perform tones you never knew your amp could produce!" This model is popular with players like Victor Johnson from Sammy Hagar’s band. Retail $99.

Next, Lee offers the Creamy Compressor, a true analog studio-quality compressor and expander that brightens and sparkles. Says Crackpotz, "Guitars like Teles and Strats excel with this thrilling new replacement knob! Put a Creamy Compressor and a Stack In a Jack, into the two useless tone knobs of a Strat for the ultimate rock and rock machine!" Retail $129.

Next, Lee gives players the exciting Shock 'N' Awe Wha, custom-voiced with an authentic ‘60s Vox-type inductor for that sweet thick singing top end with full dynamic range. Says Crackpotz, "Players such as Jimi Hendrix, used their wah pedals as a frequency boost by turning them on and leaving them in a certain position for that extra edge. Get the same exciting edge at the pull of a switch, sweep the knob to your desired frequency, and get that classic tone!" Retail $139.

Finally, Lee offers a fuzz for guitar and bass, Mr. Fuzzzy. Using the same circuit as found in his famous Fuzzy Finger pedal, Lee gives players authentic vintage fuzz tones using original germanium transistors. Retail $149.

All of Lee’s Crackpotz effects can be used together, or individually, and mounted easily into most of today’s electric guitars and basses with a minor installation.

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