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Lehle Announces Parallel L and Parallel M

Lehle releases two new line mixers.

Lehle Parallel L
Voerde, Germany (July 18, 2009) - The latest member of the Lehle Gitarrentechnik product family is the Lehle Parallel, a compact and versatile line mixer that meets the highest sound standards. The Lehle Parallel is just right when you want to mix effect sounds, for example, in parallel to your original signal, whether before the amp or into its serial effects loop. Use the MIX controller to set the ratio between effect and original sound just how you want it.

The great dynamic range permits connection both of a low-impedance 19'' studio effect and standard effect pedals. Another typical use is connection of two pick-up systems, from an acoustic guitar or a double bass, for example (microphone + piezo, piezo + soundhole pick-up, etc.). With the Lehle Parallel, you can match the two signal sources optimally with one another and - thanks to the Lehle Parallel's outstanding audio qualities - relay them on with no loss of dynamic scope to your amplification system.

The Lehle Parallel's inputs can handle high-impedance signals from electric guitars and basses, and acoustic instruments fitted with pick-ups, just as easily as low-impedance signals from keyboards and active electric guitars and basses - with the excellent transmission frequency range of 20 to 100,000 Hz! And - so that you get all the dynamics of your tube amplifier - the input voltage is rectified, filtered, stabilized and then doubled to 18V after the power-supply socket.

Two versions of the Lehle Parallel are shipping right now: the Lehle Parallel M, a pure line mixer, and the Lehle Parallel L, which is equipped with an additional True Bypass footswitch.

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