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Live Long, Play More Guitar!

The older I become, the more I realize that truly, life is short, so it’s important to invest it with those you love and what you love

One thing in my life that has become incredibly sacred to me is the time I am desperately trying to allocate to simply making music. The older I become, the more I realize that truly, life is short, so it’s important to invest it with those you love and what you love. Maybe it’s somewhat of a lifelong musician’s twisted sense of mortality or perhaps a sobering realization that playing guitar and creating music will add years to your life expectancy.

For me, playing guitar and creating music fulfills my spirit and soul like no other form of therapeutic rejuvenation. It’s the reason why I consider myself fortunate at age 44 to be performing 40+ shows per year, for it keeps Trent a happy dude – it keeps my radiator hot. It also allows me to test drive my share of cool gear, which inspires me in the relentless pursuit of tone, for I – much like you – am constantly on this journey. Few things in life are as enjoyable to me as drinking beer and chasing tone. The entire staff here at Premier Guitar are beer drinkers and tone chasers … that’s how we roll! They are the most deranged tone freaks you will find anywhere; look for our upcoming episode of Jerry Springer, “Tone Freaks and the Women Who Love Them!”

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Tone up, throw down! Nuff sed.