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Lollar Pickups Introduces Regal Humbucker

Lollar Pickups Introduces Regal Humbucker

The Regal humbuckers are a reproduction of the wide-range humbucker

Vashon Island, WA (September 6, 2010) -- Lollar Pickups announce the release of the new Regal humbucking guitar pickups.

According to Jason Lollar, “After several years of research (and debating if the cost of tooling would be worth it), we’ve come up with a reproduction of the 'wide range' humbucker that sounds and functions almost identically to the originals. Ours sound a little bit clearer than the vintage version, partly because we made the pickup covers out of slightly thinner material, which reduces the dampening of tone that metal pickup covers can sometimes cause. The originals had the same winding specs for the neck and bridge… ours vary a little for better volume and tone balance. We make custom sized bobbins in our shop, with the covers, base plates, and lead and magnet wire made to spec for us in the US. The covers will be engraved with the Lollar logo, and offered in nickel, chrome or gold.”

Based on the classic (but with a few twists of his own), the pickups are the same size as the original for easy installation. Lollar says the pickups' tone is fat and clear, with a nice top end sparkle, great note bloom, with a vocal midrange that never sacrifices note definition.

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