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Lollar Pickups Releases the Supro-style Steel Guitar Pickup

Lollar Pickups Releases the Supro-style Steel Guitar Pickup

The new pickup is an exact replica of the Supro/Valco/National steel guitar pickups

Vashon Island, WA (September 19, 2009) -- Lollar Pickups announce the release of a Supro-style string through steel guitar pickup.

According to Jason Lollar, the company’s founder, “This is an exact copy of the Supro/Valco/National string-through steel guitar pickup as used on the "Coodercaster." The pickup is humbucking, yet it sounds exactly like a single-coil. Output is remarkably high yet it has all of the clarity of a low output pickup. The steel plate that goes over the strings spreads the magnetic field to surround the strings. This increases the pickup's sensitivity and reduces magnetic pull on the strings, which increases sustain.”

The pickup features Alnico 5 magnets, dual split coil humbucking construction with adjustable poles. Jason adds, “My replacement pickup is made without the bridge built in like the original pickups, so you can mount it on any guitar.” The pickup requires a small route 1/8" deep or it can be surface mounted on top of a pickguard. For guitars with taller bridges, shims are available to raise the pickup.

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