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Lunastone Adds Infinite Power to the Table with Deep Metal Distortion Pedal

Lunastone Adds Infinite Power to the Table with Deep Metal Distortion Pedal

Copenhagen, Denmark (March 24, 2021) -- Lunastone’s new Deep Metal is a hugely scooped distortion tailored specifically for providing powerful and classic metal tones. It is equally suited for creating wall-of-sound-like heavy guitar riffs and cutting-through-and-above-the-mix solos.

The low end is kept tight, while maintaining the ability to go really low, which translates into a massive sound - even on small combos.

“It was important to me to make Deep Metal sound huge, but at the same time be able to sound great even on smaller guitar rigs,” says Steen Grøntved, Lunastone founder and Head Engineer.

“A classic problem when searching for that juicy metal tone on a combo is that you can push the woofer so hard that it is stretched to its limits - sometimes beyond, which ultimately results in a very poor guitar tone. That problem now vaporizes with Deep Metal on the pedal board.”

Lunastone’s hallmark has traditionally been pedals that deliver super-transparent guitar tones that does not color the fundamental sound of the guitar, pickups and amp - for example, the TrueOverDrive series and the Three Stage Rocket.

Deep Metal, however, has a different purpose - it does indeed add new flavours to the table and is also a more forgiving pedal with regard to revealing every little playing technique flaw. On the contrary, Deep Metal may even enhance the overall sound of mediocre pickups.

In Short, Deep Metal creates a new path on the Lunastone quest for ultimate guitar tones.

Pricing - $159 / €149

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